Harita – Free, Resilient & Sexy

Inspired by Harita’s Book

„Today, I Decided to Listen to My Body’s Stories.

For more Freedom in Feminism“

Let’s learn to enjoy who we are now and here – our shape and sense, our longings and boundaries. The only comparison that we may expose our bodies to is concerning the love towards them that we have allowed ourselves yesterday and today. Especially those parts of our bodies that we’ve despised in the past but now we try to love.

Let’s celebrate our body’s changes, menstruation and each ovulation. But also the phases when our body decides to escape this circle and creates a variation.

Let’s honour growth, growing old, the voice of illness and the letting go of past connections that cannot be patched up again.

moon cup session ©annikagemlau

Let’s flow with the circle of birth and death with the help of the 5 elements:

Water nourrishes the Roots
Wood nourrishes the Fire
Ashes turn to Soil
Earth stores Stones
Metal enriches the Water
and the Water again makes us grow …

– Annika Gemlau –

Let’s dive into Harita’s book and learn from her body liberation project …

„I created a slogan for the Body Liberation project. It is …
‚To be completely free, resilient and sexy.‘

Freedom …
I pursue the freedom that I can realize my desires in my physical being and search and explore what my body longs for.

Resilience …
I will survive any future traumas. I can only become stronger.

Sexiness …
my own definition of sexiness and beauty and my body, which celebrates my sexuality and enjoys it.

I invite you all to the story of my transformation and liberation. I invite you to my dance, a dance of crossing boundaries and observing, interpreting and creating a new reality.“

Quotation from the Book „Today, I Decided to Listen to My Body’s Stories

by Harita

Writer, Journalist
Gender  | Migration | Sustainability

Visual Artist 
Land Art | Photography | Art Journaling





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