Fragments of Travel in Freiburg

Poster Reisesplitter Freiburg

quotation: ♪ Keny Arkana
„Ils ont peur de la liberté“

Opening Day:

Thursday, February 4th, 2016
Jos Fritz Café, Freiburg

Diéné Nemorin & Yael Landau: Dance

Hadji Ahmed: Performance

free entry

An Insight into the Exhibition in Essen

This exhibition is for all the people who are ready to recognize themselves in the face of a stranger.

For people who empathize and who derive pleasure from sharing stories.

For people who are ready to learn to be silent so that they can hear the voices which tend to drown in the hysterical noise.

Voices of those who do not speak our language.

Speakers who are not privileged enough to be heard.

Words and gestures we don’t understand.

Each painting  on exhibit is just a personal fragment of the memory of an encounter with somebody in a passed moment at a specific place. Nothing more. This exposition is not an ethnographic archive. It invites to learn to read the faces of human beings trying to break their own isolation:

Old people, happy people, broken people, lively people. Challenging and wistful gazes. Laughter lines and wrinkles of sadness – traces of lived life.

We are not able to derive their motives from their appearance, and even less we are able to judge them by it. What do we know of them that would allow us to condemn them? Can’t we see the human, the loving or the broken being, the hope or frustration in their faces, which should be sufficient to show profound respect ?

This exhibition would not be possible without all the women*, here and there, whose lives have been full of challenges, sacrifices or any kind of violence. Women* who are marked by wars or routes without return, marked by exile and by the leaving behind of beloved people and places. Women* who have been broken. And women* who continue fighting. Women* who have succeeded in making life more bearable for children. With an unshakeable hope of less dying and more living.

This exhibition is dedicated especially to their and our sisters* and daughters*, the girls* and women* of tomorrow, whose bodies have internalized the scars of our ancestors, and on whose bodies the global political and economical power struggles are fought out. And who still will keep on laughing, living and loving.

I wish to say thank you to the staff of the Jos Fritz Cafés who have made possible this exposition.
And also to Diéné Nemorin, Yael Landau and Hadji Ahmed for their performances and contributions during the exhibition opening.

The prices are negotiable. 10% of the selling will be donated to the feminist women’s right and help organization medica mondiale.

An insight into the exhibition in Essen:
Der Film zur Ausstellung
The Trailer of the Exhibition in Essen

* The Gender Star indicates the incompetence of language to involve non-heteronormative identities.

_The so called Gender Gap, signalized by the underscore, provides space for people who localize themselves apart from the binary gender categories man-woman.