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Original Paintings & Drawings

Watch the Gallery of original paintings & drawings for Sale below.


Printed on ecological carton, the texture gives an intense and natural touch to the water colour paintings.
1 postcard :    3€
3 postcards :  8€
5 postcards :  13€

Art Prints

Printed on high quality water colour carton (220g/m²), the prints look like original paintings. This and the fact that there is just a very limited edition rise the prices in comparison to the postcards.

small :    10 €
midi :     12 €
Din A5 : 18 €
Din A4 : 25 €
Din A3 : 35 €

Apart from these art prints all the other images available on this website can be printed in high quality and in different sizes.

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Original Paintings & Drawings

Individual prices written in the subtitle of each image.

Individuelle Preise stehen in der jeweiligen Bildunterschrift, ansonsten auf Anfrage.